Packing and Unpacking Services

Responsible Packing and Unpacking Services Available to Residential and Commercial Clients

Hogans Transfer offers packing & unpacking services to residential & commercial clients in North Central West Virginia

At Hogans Transfer in North Central West Virginia, we encourage you to take advantage of our packing and unpacking services that we offer to all of our customers. Since we require background checks for all of our employees and they undergo extensive training, we can guarantee you the peace of mind that you need when someone is handling all of your possessions. Our company provides a full service packing and unpacking and crating service for any distance move. If needed, we also provide assembling and disassembling of furniture and appliances. You can be assured that we provide the utmost care when handling your valuables and personal possessions.

Worry Free Packing and Unpacking Services Assist Clients in Relocating

Hogans Transfer is staffed with moving experts who are masters at efficiently packing up items with care, precision, and quickness. Our professionals are trained to securely transport your items to your new location and resourcefully unpack your belongings. For over 75 years, Hogans Transfer has carried a reputation of being dependable and reliable. We handle your possessions with care and respect. We are experienced movers who are responsible, trustworthy and steadfast. We will treat your belongings with the same tenderness and care that we would handle our own prized and cherished possessions. If you prefer to package up your own items we take pride in accommodating your wishes. We are willing to work with you and give you the flexibility of being able to do as little or as much as you would like to do. By choosing Hogans Transfer you are choosing experienced responsible movers who know the moving business.

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